Friday, January 2, 2009


Initially, when Blue said that the True Colour for New Year was due to be gold, I wondered what I had that would qualify. Then I realized that we have some xanthous Christmas decorations. I'd better start looking for some more gold-colored items (that are not of a holiday nature) so I'll be prepared for the next time gold rolls around on TCT!

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BJ Roan said...

I'm planning a rose garden, by adding one new rose a year. This year I'm considering a xanthous colored heirloom rose.

Alisa said...

Just as she was about to ring for her maid, Princess Amelia heard a knock on her door. Clutching her wrap close she went to see who could be calling at this time of day. Upon opening the door, she was astonished and befuddled as a tall stranger stumbled into her room and collapsed upon her unmade bed. He looked deathly ill, his skin an alarming xanthous color, and he moaned piteously as he clutched his abdomen.