Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm still trying to think of a story that would qualify for this week's Sunday Scribblings post.

Official Definition


BJ Roan said...

Does the statement, I'm too tired to think, qualify as a proper excuse for not coming up with a better sentence?

shadowsinthemoonlight said...

I used to send my daughters a word a day for them to learn the definition, use it in a meaningful sentence for them (so they would remember that definition), and hope that would enrich their vocabularies in addition to our talks and schoolwork assignments. Apparently, it did because they both scored very high on the English part of the SAT, which is more than vocabulary. Neat blog. Brings back memories.

I love words so much I didn't introduce new ones to my kids solely for education. It's an integral part of me to use new words, listen to its sound and swim in the word, so to speak. I still love word games. Do you?

"Sunshine" said...

Hi Gel,

I remember in junior high my English/spelling teacher gave us vocabulary words to make sentences of. That was my favorite part of the class because I had the freedom to write just about anything (and I generally tried to be funny with them, though it didn't always work). It was a great creative outlet.

Oh yes, I love word games. I especially like Jumble and Fill-Ins. Additionally, when I go to my paternal grandmother's house, one of the first things she does is accost me with the daily crossword puzzle to try to help her with the handful of words she hadn't gotten yet.

Alisa said...

Riding on a camel with a band of Bedouin tribesman didn’t exactly qualify as high class travel, but to Princess Amelia it was high adventure indeed.