Sunday, December 21, 2008


By working together on the kibbutz, the community became close-knit; however, tensions did arise from people living and working in such close proximity to one another. For instance, after hearing the news of the commotion at one Lady Chadwick's soiree, some of the workers found Princess Amelia's behavior to be reprehensible, while others hailed her as a revolutionary.

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BJ Roan said...

Lady Chadwick decided it was time Princess Amelia got a taste of community. She spoke with the King about sending her to the Kibbutz near Tel Aviv.

Alisa said...

The king of course thought this was a marvelous plan as his last ambassador to the Holy Land had mysteriously disappeared. Princess Amelia could secretly investigate the disappearance while at the kibbutz. Moreover, he knew she was quite talented at investigating odd circumstances. The king wondered at Mrs. Chadwick’s motives at suggesting such a move however and vowed to have the princess in for tea to discuss her current investigations.