Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My first painting was execrable, so I splashed and splattered other colors over it. By the time I was done, it looked modern and quite tolerable.

Official Definition


B. Roan said...

I recently received an execrable greeting card. The animated e-card wished me a Happy Halloween after a huge foot stomped on a flaming bag of poo. Yuck!

"Sunshine" said...

That's a terrific one!!! If I hang around you long enough, my creativity is bound to come back!

Poopsie Blue said...

I use to do a 'word of the day' feature on my first blog.
Think I may have to play along here, though I am stuck for a sentence containing execrable - not much abominable in my life @ present.

"Sunshine" said...

Welcome, Blue!

Can you believe I was naive enough to think that I was the first person to think of the "word of the day" concept?

I'd love for you to play along. I've been getting a kick out of B.J.'s responses as well. Keep 'em coming!